( From left sitted Amb. Dr. Moktar Gambur, CAS Hon. Ababu Namwamba, Dr. Mustafa Ali & Amb. Erastus Mwencha.)

The HORN institute conference on African and middle east countries relations.

The HORN an international institute for strategic studies and an independent applied research policy based in Nairobi has today held an international conference on Africa for middle east Relations .
The conference was held to assess the impact of increasing political, security and economic engagement between African and middle eastern countries on Africa’s development and stability.
The Morocco ambassador to Kenya who was present, commented that African union can be achieved by ensuring that there’s national integration which should be exhibited by the strong countries unity.
“The best way to make the African union is through regional integration and the strong countries should be together to set an example to other countries,” Said Dr Moktar Gambur
CAS for foreign affairs dr Ababu namwamba said that our ties continue to be defined by ever rising economic security and political engagements between our countries ultimately for mutual benefits and prosperity.
Scholars need to engage in a conversation with the middle east countries to find a solution for the challenges faced.
“Theres need for scholars to engage in a conversation with middle east countries to find a solution to the challenges faced,” Dr Fatuma Ali.

By Fred Azelwa