• Media Council of Kenya CEO David Omwoyo.

The Media Council of Kenya has partnered with organisation ‘Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya’ to address mental health issues among journalists.

The partnership will enable journalists get training and empowerment on mental health.

The council reported a rise in mental breakdown among Kenyan journalists which was attributed to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic as well as work-related stress.

The situation was also blamed for the death of journalists during the pandemic.

In a statement on Friday, MCK CEO David Omwoyo said the council together with Basic Needs Kenya, will organise activities, training and programmes to review policy and emerging issues on mental health in the media industry.

He said the two organisations will also reward and document best practice in effectively reporting on mental health.

“Through the Media Council Academy, the council will support in developing a Mental Health reporting curriculum and engage academic institutions on how best to use the curriculum,” Omwoyo said.

“The partnership will help us to empower journalists and reflect on the challenges that journalists experience by securing a mentally healthy society. We welcome partnership to support media workers in this sensitive area.”

By Fred Azelwa.