Squid Game is only intended for audiences over the age of 18.

Squid Game is now the most streamed television series with over 100 million streams globally. The survival drama South Korean series has garnered so much attention worldwide and the Kenya Film and Classifications Board is one of the organisations whose attention has been pulled. KFCB has today issued a statement concerning Squid Game.

It seems KFCB’s concern is arising from the analysis that children or younger audiences could be emulating scenes from Squid Game in real life. With that in mind, the board has advised parents that the show is only intended for audiences over the age of 18. KFCB recalls the case of a Kenyan youth who, early this year, murdered his parents and siblings after being influenced by the show, ‘Killing Eve‘. There was also the case of teenagers committing suicide in some parts of the world (including Kenya) after a emulating a challenge called “Blue Whale”.

“Netflix will work with the Board to ensure that all of its content available in Kenya will be in conformity with KFCB’s classification for age suitability and other provisions of the law.” The statement reads.

By Fred Azelwa.