Politicians will soon sign a political decency charter in latest efforts by National Cohesion and Integration Commission to tackle hate speech ahead of next year’s polls.

The commission has vowed it will not tolerate hate speech and war mongering moving forward even as it scaled up action against offenders by ensuring they are barred from elective positions, public office and eventual black listing internationally.

Speaking to KBC Monday on good morning show,  NCIC Chairman Rev Dr Samuel Kobia said they will hold a series of symposia before June 2022 that will hold politicians and leaders accountable as part of its roadmap towards election attaining peaceful 2022 general elections.

Presidential candidates will be expected to lead the process dubbed ‘Election Bila Noma’ by signing the charter committing themselves to the path of peace and decency in speech and action.

“We want a political leadership that acts in a decent and civil manner” he said.

Commissioner Sam Kone (middle left)

Although the commission is seeking more powers and tough penalties for perpetrators of incitement and hate speech through parliament, Kobia avers that progress had been made in the fight against the vice.

“There is a bill in parliament that is still being debated and seeks to empower the commission to create a tribunal to deal with hate speech. We have also decide to work very closely with the DCI and DPP” said Kobia adding that close to 60 hate speech cases are under probe.

So far, the commission has enhanced surveillance by creating the walls of fame and shame which according to the chair has led to a decline in the vice.

“ No politician wants to be barred from running for an elective post. We are in the process of coming up with a criteria for determining candidates for elections. We have began consultations with IEBC, party leaders and the diplomatic community for imposition of severe penalties ”

By Fred Azelwa.