Five new Teachers Service Commission (TSC) commissioners were on Monday sworn-in at the Supreme Court in a ceremony presided by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

The five who took Oath of Office are Dr Nicodemus Anyang, Ms Christine Kahindi, Ms Sharon Kisire, Ms Annceta Wafukho and Mr Salesa Abudo.

The CJ urged the Commissioners to do all they can to ensure the education system does not leave any groups behind and that their leadership should be the light that shines.

” In your hands, together with the other Commissioners who have been in office, now lies part of the responsibility of protection and realisation of Kenyans’ right to education as guaranteed in Article 43 of the 2010 Constitution. Yours is a transformational mandate given that the human resource in the education sector that will be under your remit is clearly a vital ingredient in the success or otherwise of any educational system,” said the CJ.

By Fred Azelwa.