An off decision by the Independent Disciplinary and Appeals Committee (IDAC) has awarded AFC Leopards three points after their match against Ulinzi Stars failed to kick off.

Ulinzi Stars who were the home team failed to present a well-equipped ambulance before the match and AFC Leopards protested the decision arguing that the players were at risk.

According to IDAC, the matter was heard on 7th June 2022 in full and the match awarded to AFC Leopards on a 2-0 basis with three points.

IDAC in the ruling said”Matter heard on 7th June 2022 in full. Match awarded to AFC Leopards on a 2-0 basis with consequence that the three points at stake are also awarded to AFC Leopards.”

AFC Leopards and Ulinzi Stars were set to clash at the Kericho Green stadium on March 3 but the visitors claimed that the hosts could “not provide an ambulance with basic Life Support Machines”

According to a report by AFC Leopards to the match officials, the ambulance had nothing that could control or even arrest an emergency.
By Fred Odanga.