Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) Chairman David Ichoho wants former directors of its affiliated factories and the former board members to desist from interfering with operations of the agency.

This follows the storming of the KTDA Farmers Building boardroom by former board members led by previous chairman Peter Kanyago.

“The former directors of the factories and former KTDA board members are persona non grata in all KTDA affiliated facilities,” said Ichoho.

KTDA which has 54 factories under its control has for decades represented smallholder tea farmers since its inception initially as a Government agency and later as an entity owned by the farmers through the tea factory companies.

However, things changed in the recent years characterized by complains from farmers about reduced earnings and mismanagement claims, which saw the government order fresh election of KTDA affiliated factories as well as the holding company.

And last year, a new KTDA board was elected into office.

Ichoho has further urged the former directors of the factories and the former KTDA board members to desist from interfering with the running of the agency, urging to be patient until the determination of the pending court matters involving the Tea Act 2021 and their removal.

“We would like to assure our farmers that the management team and the board is committed to delivering on the business of making tea a profitable venture and they should continue plucking their teas and the factories are fully operational,” said Ichoho.

He has further warned that all political intrigues which threaten the recovering of the tea sector will not be tolerated within the agency.

By Fred Azelwa.