Edwin Kiprotich, alias Edwin Chiloba, a late LGBTQ+ activist and model, has been laid to rest at his parents’ home in Sergoit village, Keiyo North, Elgeyo Marakwet.

The late model’s body was taken from the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary around 11 a.m. on Tuesday, before the cortege made its way to his rural home.

A smattering of photos obtained by Citizen.Digital revealed dozens of people in attendance at the late model’s funeral.

Chiloba, a fashion designer and model, was discovered dead inside a discarded metal box by the roadside in what would turn out to be a crime of passion that gripped the country for days.

An autopsy performed by government pathologist Johansen Oduor revealed that the late fashionista died from suffocation.

Oduor told the media after conducting the autopsy on the late Chiloba that the activist’s body had no physical injuries.

Although more tests will be performed to determine whether the late Chiloba was drugged prior to being suffocated, Dr Oduor established he died from lack of oxygen.

“Hatukupata majeraha yoyote kwa mwili wake ndio maana tukachukua samples ili tujue mbona hakuwa anaresist wakati alikuwa anafanyiwa vile,” Dr Oduor added.

Dr Oduor said they discovered three pieces of socks stuffed into the late Chiloba’s mouth, cutting off his air supply, and a pair of denim pants covering his mouth and nose during the autopsy.

“Pia tulipata kuwa alikuwa amewekwa socks kwa mdomo ili kufanya ikuwe ngumu kupumua,” Dr Oduor added.

The government pathologist also dismissed claims that the late activist’s eyes were gouged out during the heinous murder.

According to him, the deceased’s body was not dismembered, and those who first saw him may have mistaken the sunken eyes, caused by decomposition, for removal.

Meanwhile, police officers investigating the matter are holding five suspects in connection to the murder.

The five, including three minors, were arraigned at the Eldoret Law Courts on Monday, where the prosecution requested the suspects be detained for 21 more days to pave the way for investigations.

It is suspected that Chiloba was murdered at an apartment in Chepkolel, Moiben, where he lived with Jackton Odhiambo, who is said to be his boyfriend and who police are treating as the main suspect.

Others being held include a cousin to the main suspect, a friend and a taxi driver police believe aided in the disposal of the fashion designer’s body.

By Correspandant.