Kenya  Leading retailer Naivas Supermarket launched its annual Seasonal Campaign.

The campaign promises to be authentically Kenyan while delivering memorable experiences through thematic campaigns all the while exceeding customer expectations

This inaugural campaign comes barely a week after Kenyans took to the street to protest over the high cost of living.

Kenyans already feel the heat and inflation is only worsening due to high import cost and supply chain disruptions.

Speaking during the Launch of the Easter campaign dubbed ‘Kikapu Kibonge’ Naivas Chief Commercial Officer Willy Kimani said.

It is moments like this that define our character and with the odds stuck against the Kenyan people, as a homegrown retailer and supermarket of choice for the Kenyan people we have had to step up and truly live up to our promise, saves you money. We understand that the baskets are shrinking every single day, but this should not be the case at our stores and for this reason, we are launching our Seasonal campaign dubbed “Naivas Kikapu Kibonge” with the tagline being “extra offers, kibiggie discounts, and kibunda choices,” Kimani stated.

The Campaign which will run for nine weeks will have special offers for Eid, Labour day,, Back to School, and mother’s day.

By Fred Azelwa.