Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has accused politicians of hiring dead bodies from mortuaries and portraying them as victims of police brutality.

In a media address on Tuesday Koome said the leaders conspire with morgue attendants to take pictures of the bodies, after which they post them on social media platforms to taint the image of the police force.

“The information I have is that they (politicians) go to some of the mortuaries compromise some of the workers there,” the IG said.

“People who died of some illness, people who died maybe of an accident or other causes, they (politicians) take photographs of such bodies and blame on police. But we are not in the business of all the time responding to politicians.”

The IG maintained that the police have been doing what is mandated of them by the constitution which is to maintain law and order.

The police were recently accused of using excessive force during the anti-government protests.

“Ours is to discharge our mandate that is to maintain law and order, protecting life and property, politicians all they know is to talk and spread propaganda,” IG Koome said.

By Fred Azelwa.