Investors targeting information and technology sectors have been challenged to tap Kenya’s vast renewable energy installed capacity to build sustainable businesses.

This comes after the launch of a Ksh 3 billion Olkaria Ecocloud Data Centre unveiled in Nakuru County which uses geothermal power generated by Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen).

Speaking during the launch, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi said the two data centre are a crucial are crucial investments for the country and the continent as they serve as catalyst for economic transformation through the digital economy.

“The data centres are already making a strong contribution in the digitalization agenda working with technology partners to deliver cutting edge solutions for Kenya public and private sector, “he said.

The data centres are expected to further revolutionize the technology industrial impact by implementing energy efficient practices, renewable power sources and advanced cooling technologies hence reducing carbon footprints while seamless maintaining data processing.

Mudavadi acknowledged Kenya’s commitment to green energy and sustainability saying it has achieved 93pc green energy production, positioning the country as a pioneer in sustainable development.

“Our Government is keen to ensure that we shift away from facilities that grow our carbon footprint, that is the reason why we are working on the climate change amendment bill of 2023 to ensure that the law is crystallized in regard to facilitating the growth and development of the local carbon market,“ added Mudavadi.

He also called on the need to expand the data centers in Kenya and make them eco-friendly to reduce potential environmental impact saying the centers could account for 13pc of global electricity usage within a decade.

“We will facilitate more green data centers as the traditional ones contribute more towards climate changes and global warming due to their high energy demand that result in gas emission,” he stated.

Olkaria Ecocloud Data Centre is the first 100pc eco-friendly and green data center in Kenya and Africa hence a favorable choice for technology infrastructure deployment.

By Fred Odanga Azelwa.