The Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) has asked President William Ruto to increase the minimum wage for Kenyan workers by at least 50%.

According to COTU, the increase will provide much-needed relief to Kenyan workers grappling with the surge in the prices of fuel and essential goods and services.

COTU Deputy Secretary General Benson Okwaro, in a press address on Saturday, said the gov’t has been taking more and more money from employee earnings.

“The government ought to look at how to widen their tax regime. There are so many other areas they can do it, but we find it unacceptable that they have to take this money from the employees,” Okwaro said.

“It has reached a stage whereby we are busy working for the sake of trying to struggle to pay our bills,” added another COTU official.

The calls from COTU come alongside their ongoing efforts to secure labour representation on the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) Board.

The trade union believes that representation will be essential in safeguarding workers’ interests and promoting transparency in energy pricing decisions.

Francis Atwoli, the Secretary General of COTU on Wednesday called for changes to Kenya’s Energy Act of 2019, specifically Section 12, seeking to reinstate labour organization representation on the EPRA Board, emphasizing that it’s crucial for worker welfare.

By Fred Azelwa.