The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) on Thursday established a legal team to review possible violations of the Constitution by President William Ruto in the wake of the latter’s sustained attacks against the Judiciary and decisions of the courts.

LSK President Eric Theuri said the law society will mobilise support from all quarters, including religious leaders and the civil society, to force the President to respect the rule of law or face impeachment for gross violation of the constitution.

“The Constitution allows us to approach the High Court when there is a threat to violation of the Constitution to consider whether the current scenario raises enough threats of violation for the Constitution for us to move to court and seek the declaration that the President has violated the Constitution…as you know one of the grounds for impeachment is violation of the Constitution,” he stated.

Theuri, who is eyeing the LSK representative to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) post in the upcoming elections, told the President that judicial authority was no longer under the direction of any persons.

“The rule of man died with the old Constitution, 14 years down the line we will not allow a roll back to those days when a President was autocratic and carried himself as if he was above the law,” he stated.

The LSK’s statement ahead of Friday’s planned nationwide protests by lawyers, and as President Ruto continues to accuse courts of law of frustrating his development agenda.

“Naambia kortini, hakuna vile tunaweza kusimamisha mpango kama hii ya housing…mpango ambayo iko kwa katiba, manifesto na imepitishiwa sheria, nikiongea na nyinyi hapa kwa ile sites tuko nayo, vijana zaidi ya 120,000 wanafanya kazi ikiwemo 500 hapa Ol Kalou halafu mtu anasema tusimamishe mradi sababu ya mambo yake ya kibinafsi hawa vijana 120,000 nitawapeleka wapi,” President Ruto recently said.

Theuri added: “We want to advise the President to dissuade him of this notion that he could be above the law or that whatever he wishes or whatever he wants should guide decisions the Judiciary give, he may get it in Parliament but he will not get it in the Judiciary for as long as we are watching.”

Without offering proof, the President once again claimed that recent court decisions were influenced by corruption and bribery.

“Maendeleo ya Kenya imecheleweshwa siku nyingi na watu wachache ambao wanafaidika na yale mambo yanaendelea sahii, kuna watu hawajawahi kulala njaa, kuna mtu ako na kazi, bibi na watoto wako na kazi, sababu ako na pesa anaenda kununua wakili anahongana kortini ati vijana wasipate kazi wawe watumwa wao, na mimi nimekataa hiyo maneno,” he said.

LSK has planned peaceful protests on Friday in defence of the rule of law, with lawyers required to don purple ribbons and converge at the Supreme Court before marching to the office of the President, Parliament buildings and conclude at the Supreme Court.

“Advocates will come out and affirm their oath and their readiness to defend the Constitution and the rule of law, Theuri said.

President Ruto who is still on a development tour of Central Kenya maintains that corruption is rife in the Judiciary which he has vowed to fight on.

By Fred Azelwa.