Atwoli said there is need for broad participation in the May 1 Labour Day event at Uhuru Gardens to be able to address challenges facing Kenyans.

Speaking during the Labour Day Thanksgiving Prayer on Sunday. Atwoli emphasized the impact of economic challenges on every Kenyan, advocating for a general wage increase over a minimum wage adjustment.

This plea comes in light of recent proposals by Public Service and Performance Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria to transition all permanent and pensionable positions in the Public Service to contract terms.

Kuria said his proposal aims to place government employees, from drivers to cleaners, on contract terms if approved by the Cabinet, aiming to address concerns raised by various sectors, including healthcare professionals.

The government has apressured updated guidelines for the terms and conditions of service for board members and staff of State Corporations, introducing structured salary bands and allowances.

Key stakeholders will play critical roles in ensuring compliance and fairness in implementing these guidelines.

By Fred Odanga.