Lands Cabinet Secretary (CS) Alice Wahome has said the government will not be involved in the land dispute pitting the Kirima family and Njiru residents.

Addressing the media in her office in Nairobi, Wahome said the court ruling on the matter that gave residents of East Riverside Drive in Njiru until December 31 is final and land records have proven the title still belongs to the Kirima family.

The CS said the government will not mediate in the dispute to avoid possible evictions of residents and instead urged the settlers to negotiate with the Kirima family or leave as per the court order that was issued.

As a ministry, we have received a lot of enquiries on if we can buy the land or settle people in the land. We have no such plans, the land belongs to Kirima and the government has no claim on that land or say in the matter. Before you put your money on the table to the owner of an alleged land owner, please verify with the lands record, be warned,” said Wahome.

According to land records seen by Citizen Digital, the disputed land is currently registered in the name of Gerishon Kamau Kirima and John Gerishon Kirima

“LR No 6825/2 is a subdivision of L.R. No 6825 (original number 42/2/2/9) which was originally 505 acres and registered in the name of Percy Evely Randall who bought the property from George William Shutt and Walter Thomas Shapley. The indenture was registered on July 23, 1929. On 4 February 1931. Percy Evely Randall transferred out 32.8 Acres to Bur Singh Ahluwalla which was LR. No 7086 (Original Number 6825/1),” the document reads in part.

On 27 June 1942, a transfer out was registered. Randall transferred 472.5 acres to Hiranand Gidoomal and Ghulam Hussein Alibhai.

In March 1943 an indenture was registered whereby  Alibhai transferred his undivided half-share to Gidoomal and Gagandass Dayaram.

A subsequent transfer in March 1948 saw the property transition to Inder Singh Gill, followed by another transfer in November 1952 to a consortium of Satyendra Triambaklal Thakore, Valkunthlal Triambaklal Thakore, Shivabhai Gordhanbhai Amin, Chandubhai Haribhai Patel, and Gulamhussein Kassam Ishani, each holding varying proportions of 35%, 30%, 10%, 10% and 15% respectively.

In September 1967, Randall transferred the property to its current owners, Gerishon Kamau Kirima and John Gerishon Kirima.

“The property was mortgaged to National and Grindley, Bank on 11. April 1969 for Kshs, 150.000. East Africa Power and Lighting Company has also registered three caveats for grant of easement. The caveats were registered on 11. January 1966, 28 September 1966 and 13. November 1975,” the land document reads.

“L.R. No.5908/8 (original number 5908/5/3) measuring 507 acres was transferred to Gerishon Kamau Kirima and John Gerishon Kirima,’ by Domenico De Masi vide a transfer registered on  June 17 1972. A New Grant IR 98744 was issued to Gerishon Kamau Kirima and John Gerishon Kirima upon expiry of the term in 2003. The new term is for 99 years from September 1, 2023.”

 By Fred Azelwa.